Objectives of cost accounting :-

There is a relationship among information needs of management, cost accounting objectives, and techniques and tools used for analysis in cost accounting. Cost accounting has the following main objectives to serve:
1. Determining selling price,
2. Controlling cost
3. Providing information for decision-making
4. Ascertaining costing profit
5. Facilitating preparation of financial and other statements.

1. Determining selling price
The objective of determining the cost of products is of main importance in cost accounting. The total product cost and cost per unit of product are important in deciding selling price of product. Cost accounting provides information regarding the cost to make and sell product or services. Other factors such as the quality of product, the condition of the market, the area of distribution, the quantity which can be supplied etc., are also to be given consideration by the management before deciding the selling price, but the cost of product plays a major role.
2. Controlling cost
Cost accounting helps in attaining aim of controlling cost by using various techniques such as Budgetary Control, Standard costing, and inventory control. Each item of cost [viz. material, labour, and expense] is budgeted at the beginning of the period and actual expenses incurred are compared with the budget. This increases the efficiency of the enterprise.
3. Providing information for decision-making
Cost accounting helps the management in providing information for managerial decisions for formulating operative policies. These policies relate to the following matters:
(i) Determination of cost-volume-profit relationship.
(ii) Make or buy a component
(iii) Shut down or continue operation at a loss
(iv) Continuing with the existing machinery or replacing them by improved and economical machines. 

4. Ascertaining costing profit
Cost accounting helps in ascertaining the costing profit or loss of any activity on an objective basis by matching cost with the revenue of the activity.

5. Facilitating preparation of financial and other statements
Cost accounting helps to produce statements at short intervals as the management may require. The financial statements are prepared generally once a year or half year to meet the needs of the management. In order to operate the business at high efficiency, it is essential for management to have a review of production, sales and operating results. Cost accounting provides daily, weekly or monthly statements of units produced, accumulated cost with analysis. Cost accounting system provides immediate information regarding stock of raw material, semifinished and finished goods. This helps in preparation of financial statements.