Like other branches of accounting, cost accounting is not an exact science but is an art which has developed through theories and accounting practices based on reasoning and common sense. These practices are not static but changing with time. Cost accounting lacks a uniform procedure. There is no stereotyped system of cost accounting applicable to all industries. There are widely recognised cost concepts but understood and applied differently by different industries. Cost accounting can be used only by big enterprises.

The limitations of cost accounting are as follows:

* It is expensive because analysis, allocation and absorption of overheads require considerable amount of additional work.

*The results shown by cost accounts differ from those shown by financial accounts. Preparation of reconciliation statements frequently is necessary to verify their accuracy. This leads to unnecessary increase in workload.
*It is unnecessary because it involves duplication of work. Some
industrial units are functioning efficiently without any costing system.

*Costing system itself does not control costs. If the management is alert and efficient, it can control cost without the help of the cost accounting.Therefore it is unnecessary.