Totaling and Balancing of an Account :-

At the end of the each month or year or on any particular day it may be necessary to ascertain the balance in an account. In an account there may be as many debits and as many credits. The difference between two sides of an account is known as account balance.
             In order to balance an account we should total up the two side roughly on a separate piece of paper. The total of the side which is heavier, is put on both side leaving a little space just above the total for carrying down the balance (c/d) at the lower side. Again the difference in the account, i.e., balance in that account, should be brought down (b/d) on the heavier side. These closing balance will be the opening balance for the next period.

             In case the total of both the sides of an account are equal, then that account is said to have no balance at all.